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6MGE Completed

The engine has now been fully rebuilt and assembled (all gaskets done). Minus accessories, most hoses and connections to everything (fuel, power, water, transmission and exhaust). This is where we started. This is where we are now.

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Assembly – Head – Part II

Getting ready to finish reassembling the head. Checking the cam housing fitment. Painted and cleaned parts in the backyard. Rocker arms marinating in kerosene.

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Engine – Disassembly – Part 2

Continued disassembling the engine. Pulled the head off, everything looks good Disassembling the head getting it ready to take to the machinists. Valve lifters removed and stored in oil.

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Engine – Disassembly – Part 1

Worked on disassembling the engine today. Got up to the point where the next thing to do is remove the head.

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6MGE Crank Pulley / Harmonic Balancer

The Achilles heel of the 6MGE motor is its harmonic balancer / crank pulley which is prone to chipping.

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